What services do we provide?

  • Strep, flu, urine, RSV and mono testing
  • X-rays
  • Lab services (on site and referral)
  • IV fluids
  • Fracture care and splinting
  • Laceration repair (stitches, staples and glue)
  • Sports and camp physicals
  • Breathing treatments
  • Urine catheterization
  • Removal of foreign bodies from nose, ears and skin

The City Just for Kids is dedicated to providing children the best possible care

Since 1986, Medical City Children's Hospital has dedicated itself to providing comprehensive, best-in-class care in a wide range of pediatric specialities.

Now Medical City Children’s Urgent Care offers specialized services in the heart of Dallas. Unique among local urgent care centers, we see only pediatric patients, and we're staffed exclusively by pediatric specialists.