Medical City Children’s Urgent Care clinics offer COVID-19 testing for children experiencing coronavirus-like symptoms as well as those without symptoms who have specific indications for needing a test. Our providers will review your history, symptoms and perform an examination before issuing a test, just like our other diagnostic tests.

If a child is exhibiting symptoms consistent with COVID-19, you and your family should discuss testing with our providers. Since older adults and people of any age who have serious underlying medical conditions may be at higher risk for more serious complications from COVID-19, it’s important to get your child tested if you suspect they were exposed or exhibiting symptoms.

If you are concerned your child may have already contracted COVID-19 from someone else but have since recovered, we also offer COVID 19 antibody tests that will help identify if your child has previously been infected.

What should your family expect with a COVID-19 test?

The providers or our trained clinical staff at Medical City Children’s Urgent Care will put on protective clothes, mask and face shield before collecting samples.

Collecting a sample is usually taken from the nose but, in some cases, may be obtained from the back of the throat, similar to a standard strep test. This is the same used to test for influenza, which is mildly uncomfortable, but takes only a few seconds.

Our providers will then package the samples according to guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, then samples are shipped to a laboratory. The laboratory will test each specimen for the presence of the new coronavirus, which causes COVID-19.

Once we receive your results, a provider will report the test results to the patient’s guardian. If the test is positive, the provider must also report this to public health authorities.

COVID-19 test results

We anticipate COVID-19 test results will be available to you and your family within 2-10 days. However, depending on increased testing demand in the area, this timing may vary. We ask that you also refer to our lab testing partners' sites for their current testing turn-around timing, as they may have more information.

Medical City Urgent Care will contact you and your family when results become available. We recommend that you also create an account with our lab testing partners to review results as soon as your test is completed.

  • LabCorp
  • Quest Diagnostics
  • Sensiva Health

Your provider will be sure to let you know which lab your sample is being sent to at the time of collection.

After your screening, it’s recommended that you and your child self-isolates at home and follow the CDC's instructions.

Why doesn’t Medical City Children’s Urgent Care offer same day COVID tests?

At Medical City Urgent Care, we strive to ensure that we provide our patients with the most meaningful and accurate diagnostic testing available. It is our belief that providing our patients with the most accurate COVID test is more important than a test that might be more convenient but less reliable.

Many of the tests available to our providers at HCA Healthcare (under the FDA’s emergency use authorization) that can be performed in the office with same day results have consistently proven to be considerably less reliable than the more sophisticated testing performed by large laboratories who utilize a technique called Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR).

As new types of tests become available, Medical City Children’s Urgent Care continues to look for ways to improve on convenience without compromising reliability.

When it comes to making a decision between a COVID-19 test that is convenient versus one that is considered more accurate and reliable, Medical City Children’s Urgent Care will not compromise your safety. We work alongside the two largest laboratories in the United States who statistically perform the most reliable testing available today.

We understand that sending your lab test to a highly sophisticated laboratory may not be the most convenient in terms of turn-around time, but at this point in time, we feel it's the best way to safely care for your family.

What to bring

Please bring your driver's license and insurance card, if you have one. If you have an order from another doctor to receive a COVID-19 test, please bring that as well, but it is not required.

Medical City Children’s Urgent Care is here to help

If you believe your child to have symptoms of COVID-19, please check-in online to wait safely from home. Our front desk staff will call you once it's time to come in. We recommend you also call the clinic as you arrive and choose to wait from your car to ensure additional social distancing.

How we keep you safe

When you visit Medical City Urgent Care, your safety is our priority. All our staff members are required to wear protective gear including masks and gloves. We practice a routine cleaning and sanitation standard that exceeds CDC guidelines.

You may also notice some changes made to our waiting room to help accommodate more space between patients for appropriate social distancing practices and to minimize contact with others.

Lastly, while you and your child are in the exam room being tested for COVID-19, our providers will be wearing appropriate protective clothes, masks and face shields as they collect samples.